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Top 10 Tips for Carnivore Fat Loss

1. Eat lean protein to satiety

This was and is the foundation of the success behind the Carnivore Shredding Program. But I've realized that it's even simpler than I previously realized!

Lean protein eaten to satiety, within a solid daily fat loss framework leads to some incredible results. If you're training daily, doing some fasting, and focusing on leaner meats, eggs, and seafood--you may not even need to track macros. It's far easier to achieve a natural calorie deficit using this simple guideline!

So what does that look like? Ground beef with the fat drained, steaks with the fat trimmed, whole eggs (egg yolks are too nutritious to toss, even though they're pure fat), salmon, sardines, oysters, liver, chicken breast, turkey bacon, etc.

Now you might be thinking 'Oh god, Will's gone low fat. Goodbye...keto or die". Let me clarify--NOT low fat, but rather moderating your dietary fat consumption! By consuming lean protein to satiety, you will achieve a high protein macro and a moderate amount of fat with that protein. This is ideal! This eating strategy is the exact way I've been eating this entire year, and I've maintained an extremely lean body with no discomfort at all! No chronic hunger, no low testosterone, no issues like that...because I'm eating to satiety! So I'm getting JUST enough fat to fuel myself and take care of my hormones, without contributing to body fat gain.

I know the carnivore community is all about beef tallow right now. I love Dr. Saladino too, but many people simply don't need that much fat. At least not if they're aiming for fat loss.

2. Dark roast coffee

Honestly, any coffee will do--but numerous studies have shown dark roast to be a healthier blend. Coffee fasting is one of the great joys of my life (maybe I need a more interesting life). Getting up early, exercising, then having some delicious black coffee while I start my work for the day gets my brain firing and ready to accomplish tons. Stick to 1-2 cups of joe! Coffee can absolutely be overdone and it will 100% lose its effect on you overtime if you're drinking it all day. Drink it strategically, at the same time everyday.

3. Alternate cardio and weights!

I've been following a routine recently where I simply alternate cardio days and weightlifting days. This way, I'm in and out of the gym in a shorter amount of time and it tends to improve my compliance. On a side note, I've currently abandoned my zone 2 cardio in favor of basketball. Just an experiment, and I was starting to get a little bored of zone 2.

4. 2-3 staple meals!

When people start a new diet, they tend to get into a food exploration frenzy! They frequent every cooking site and scour youtube looking for the best ways to make their diet even more delicious (and complicated). Eventually they burn out on that.

Keep it simple! Find 2-3 meals you love and enjoy (and are simple to make) and then stick to those! Occasionally switch it up, but keep things simple. For me, my staple meals are based around ground beef, New York strip steaks, beef liver, eggs, and bacon.

5. Liver!!

I'm becoming more and more convinced that liver is one of the best kept secrets in human health. I've recently began an experiment where I consume 4oz of beef liver every single day. I'm only around 4 days into this but I've already noticed an amazing amount of energy (which is saying a lot...I'm a pretty high energy guy).

I was previously concerned about vitamin A toxicity but after asking a few smart folks, this doesn't seem to be a huge concern. The whole Arctic explorer polar bear liver poisoning story doesn't seem to apply to a moderate daily dose of beef liver. If you don't know what I'm talking about...basically a while ago some Arctic explorers ate polar bear liver and died.

6. Fitness in the morning!

The ultimate key to transforming your health and subsequently your life is execution (the good kind). Getting things done. I've found the later people put fitness in the day, the worse their compliance tends to be. By placing fitness early in the morning, it gets done, energizes you for the day, and ensures that nothing else can disturb this daily habit!

I've personally gotten in the habit of daily 4am workouts and I absolutely love them. I can't imagine starting my day any other way now.

7. Lower intensity cardio still rules

If your goal is fat loss, you don't want a ravenous appetite. What leads to a ravenous appetite? Forcing calorie restriction...AND tons of high intensity cardio. Burning through muscle glycogen often will lead to massive cravings and hunger. No bueno. Keep it lower intensity! Easy jogs, hiking, bike riding, stuff like that. The zone 2 basics.

8. Cut dairy!

Oh no...I never thought I would say this, but yes. Cut dairy. For fat loss, cutting dairy seems to be one of the best things you can do. Dairy is way easy to overeat, doesn't have any essential nutrients that you couldn't get from egg yolks or beef liver, and generally it's higher in fat! Since cutting dairy, I've noticed that I've gotten even leaner, my face isn't bloated at all, and my skin has improved. Now I get my calcium from Whole Bone Calcium by Traditional Foods Market.

9. Focus on beef, eggs, liver, and some form of seafood

Beef is still king. Egg yolks are amazingly nutrient dense, as is beef liver. And seafood rounds things out nicely with some iodine and omega 3s. My favorites are oysters and salmon. I'm not super on board the whole salmon roe craze yet, but I think that's a great food as well!

10. Stay salty!

Both with your food and personality. But mostly your food. I've realized that salt has a profound effect on your overall energy, thyroid health, muscular strength, brain fog, and so much more! I always recommend Redmond's Real Salt. But any high quality pink salt or sea salt will do!

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