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The Simply Truth About Carnivore Fat Loss

Losing fat on Carnivore is probably more simple than on any other diet.

You have the powerful tools of protein satiety, ketosis, nutrient dense animal foods on your side.

The simple truth to carnivore fat loss?

Fast until you are hungry.

Drink coffee during your fast. 1-2 cups is perfect. 1 pre-workout and 1 later in the morning. If you begin to get tired or low energy during your fast—add some pink salt to your water. Some people like to add some pink salt to their coffee grounds to take away from the acidity of the coffee.

Don’t force the fast beyond your hunger levels.

Eat until you are satiated.

If you are consuming the right foods, you can eat until you are satiated and you will not become obese. You may gain a small amount of weight in the short term as your body rebalances its set point weight—but eventually your appetite will regulate and you will achieve a consistently lean physique.

Only eat lean-ish protein.

Steaks with the fat trimmed. Ground beef with the fat drained. Salmon, sardines, liver, oysters, whole eggs.

We’re not overdoing the fat—but we’re also not going low fat. Just moderate fat. Enough to keep your hormones and thyroid happy—but not so much that you’re gaining fat.

Exercise daily.

Incorporate weight training and some cardio sessions throughout the week. Keep it to 30-45 minutes a day. Overdoing the exercise with extreme intensities daily (crossfit, cycling classes, high intensity workouts, etc) will fatigue the body and spike appetite. This may also lead to some elevated cortisol levels. The best idea? Moderate your workouts. 30 minutes of lifting one day. 30 minute jog the next. This constant daily activity will assist in slowly down regulating your bodyweight set point.

That’s it! Yes, there are always a million and one details that you can concern yourself with. But if we focus on the most important keys to maintaining a lean physique, the rest will take care of itself.

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