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Take Action: Unleash Your Full Potential

Very often, we are shackled from becoming our greatest selves because of apparent mental and physical limitations.

When I was really young (5-10), I always felt I had greatness inside of me. I felt like there was so much I wanted to do and accomplish. I was very motivated.

But I held myself back. Instead of taking action on my goals, I simply allowed myself to believe that I couldn’t get into acting or excel at sports because I was skinny, dressed funny, and didn’t come from a wealthy family.

Later when I was 15-17, I had similar dreams and ambitions. I wanted to have a huge voice in the world. I wanted to become an actor. I wanted to excel at what I did. But I had severe acne. I mean really severe acne. So I believed that my goals and dreams were always out of reach because I didn’t look the part.

In fact, I even decided that it would probably be best for me to get a desk job or something where I could hide away and not have to interact with people. I was far too embarrassed by my appearance.

Later, when I got into acting—I couldn’t seem to find my rhythm. I either felt my talent was lacking, my energy was lacking, or my health was holding me back.

What did I learn from all of that?

Perseverance. Simply not ever giving up on the pursuit of my goals.

When I was skinny and awkward, I took action. I worked out and created who I wanted to be. I didn’t complain and I didn’t give up. I took action to become who I wanted to be.

When I felt like my parents should have helped me in my pursuit of acting as a kid, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and take action. I didn’t rely on anyone else to achieve my dreams for me. I did it myself.

When I had severe acne, I used to beg my family to take me to a dermatologist so I could get an accutane prescription. I would beg my mom to cook paleo meals so I could heal myself from the inside out. When none of that worked, I took matters into my own hands and emailed a dermatology office to set up the appointment on my own. I created an entire pitch of why I needed accutane—complete with some exaggeration of symptoms and some tears. It worked and I got accutane. I also took diet into my own hands.

What’s the message? Don’t complain. Don’t wait for someone else to accomplish your goals for you. You take the action. Nobody owes you anything. If you want something, make a plan and start working.

It’s OKAY to suck!! It’s better to execute on a mediocre plan than to create a perfect plan...and NOT execute at all!!!

You learn nothing from not executing. You learn EVERYTHING from falling down and getting back up.

Let work ethic eliminate your fears and insecurities. And BLOCK all the noise, all the comments, all the negativity, all the opinions. It’s you versus you in this game of execution.

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