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Quarterly Goals and Morning Routines

My Two Anchors

Life can be an absolutely hectic storm. Tragedies occur, you get fired, you feel tired and stop going to the gym, your healthy eating habits fall off two weeks into January…

It can sometimes seems like an insurmountable number of ‘shoulds’ are being thrown at us. Yes, we have issues and we can overcome them if we simply took enough of the right action consistently…but how?! There’s so much going on! And not enough time/energy/(insert other limited resource).

For me, the only way to make sense out of the chaos that can be life is by silencing all the noise with two anchors.

These two anchors keep me grounded and afloat regardless of the turbulence surrounding me.

In fact, these two anchors allow ME to influence the tide—not the other way around. I am the one making the waves, rather than the waves of life crashing against me. These two anchors have forever changed my life.

Anchor #1: Quarterly Goals

It’s clear that choosing goals from your heart, creating a game-plan, and then consistency executing that gameplay daily is one of the most profound ways to change your life.

But why quarterly? Because yearly goals are too big. We can sometimes set ludicrous yearly goals. All they end up doing is adding to the pressures of life we are already experiencing. And we often set way too many goals. A fitness goal, financial goal, family goal, spiritual goal, health goal, morning routine goal, promotion goal…you get the idea. By the end of your January 1st journaling session, you have about 10 yearly goals that you’re somehow going to achieve by simply believing hard enough and putting your best foot forward.

Good luck.

A 13 Week quarterly goal is manageable. You can set a huge goal for 13 weeks, but the finish line is in sight and it prompts more urgent action.

You can really chunk your 13 Week goal down into reasonable action steps that actually seem achievable. From those action steps, you can begin to create weekly goals and the necessary habits that will allow you to make incremental progress towards your quarterly goal.

You can also adjust your direction once the quarterly goal is done. With a yearly goal, you have to wait an entire year to change direction—even if you know you’re headed in the wrong direction.

I started using a ‘Self Journal’ earlier this year from The results in my life have been incredible.

I’ve been able to channel my passion and work ethic in a very clear and effective direction.

Set 1-2 quarterly goals. Everything else is a habit. Yes your ‘Read 52 books this year’ goal, your ‘lose 25 lbs this year’ goal and even your ‘rekindle the fire in my marriage’ goal—those are habits. A daily exercise habit. A daily reading habit. A daily quality time habit. Stop weighing yourself down with so many goals. Choose 1 or 2 quarterly goals. Make everything else a habit.

Anchor #2: A Powerful Morning Routine

Hopefully you won’t need too much convincing on this one. Your morning sets the pace for the rest of your day. If you start off already late for your day’s commitments and rushing—your whole day will be a reactive mess.

If you start off with personal development in the form of reading, exercise, gratitude and other smart practices—you will proactively seize the day and get a head-start.

My day begins at 3am. I make some coffee and write down three things I’m grateful for in my Self Journal. I answer a few emails, then I head to the gym. I train until 5am. Then I take a cold shower, pack my things for the day, then head to a cafe. I read 10 pages of a non-fiction book. Then I’m ready to start my work for the day.

My daily goals and routines have already been scheduled the night before. There’s no guessing what I have to do. It’s clearly outlined on my phone’s calendar. All I have to do is execute.

This clarity of purpose has allowed me to string together many winning days. Enough winning days and you can achieve some incredible things.

If you’re floundering around in the vast ocean of responsibilities, actions, and crises—do these two things. Write your quarterly goal down right now. Then, write down a morning routine right now.

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