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Packing Muscle On: My Exact Workout Routine

My current training goal has been ultimately to pack on muscle size. But of course (as with anything in my life), I have to complicate it.

There are a number of…conditions…around my muscle growth pursuits.

I want to do it on a strict Carnivore Diet—meat, eggs, fish.

I want to train daily.

I want to play basketball multiple times throughout the week.

I want to continue fasting in the morning.

Even with these constraints—it’s absolutely possible to still build muscle. I just have to be smart with my approach.

My current focus right now has been to really focus on strength. Strength does not always necessarily equate to muscle size. I’ve actually noticed better muscle gains in the past by focusing on hypertrophy type work (higher reps/volume, less weight).

But after a year of hypertrophy focused lifting, I lost some strength and I wasn’t happy with my physique. So now I'm balancing heavy compounds, hypertrophy work, and some lighter accessory days.

Here’s exactly what my current routine looks like. Most of this might look like gibberish--but this is the notation I use for myself. I keep this in the Notes app of my phone and track all of my main lifts. The accessory/hypertrophy stuff I don't track. I just go for a pump on that.

Sunday: Core, Calves, Strength

Roman chair reverse situps/L-sit (2 sets)

Standing or seated calf raises (5 sets)

Cuban barbell presses (3 sets) 20, 30, 45x6, 5

Monday: Chest & Arms

Handstand pushups/pull-ups/pushups (1 set)

Flat bench175x6, 145x8, 135x10

Weighted Dips (3 sets)95x6, 80x8, 65x10

5-10 hypertrophy sets

Tuesday: Core, Calves, Strength

Supermans/Bridge (2 set)

Standing or seated calf raises (5 sets)

Cuban barbell presses (3 sets)20x15, 30x12, 45x7

Weds: Shoulders & Back

Handstand pushups/pull-ups/pushups (1 set)

Underhand barbell row185X6, 165x8, 155x10

OHP125x6, 115x8, 105x10

Weighted Pull-ups50x6, 35x9, 25x10

5-10 hypertrophy sets

Thursday: Core, Calves, Strength

Standing or seated calf raises (5 sets)

Decline situp/blade kicks for obliques (2 sets)

Cuban barbell presses (3 sets)20x12, 30x5, 40x5, 50x5, 45x8

Friday: Legs

Front squats215X5, 185x8, 165x10

Trap Bar Deads—touch n go 345x6

5-10 hypertrophy sets

Saturday: Core, Calves, Strength

Standing or seated calf raises (5 sets)

Side to side abs/Hanging leg raises (2 sets)

Cuban barbell presses (5 sets for volume)

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