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My 100 Day Goal: Self-Publish My First Book

For the past 13 weeks (91 days), I have been working on some business goals I set for myself. I set a few quarterly goals--and as a result, I now have this awesome blog, the Primal Body newsletter, the Will to Win Podcast, my Youtube channel is active again, and I built another online business (Primal Body) with the help of an awesome team (shoutout Garvan and the boys!).

I used the Self Journal from to plan, strategize, and hold myself accountable for those quarterly goals. Day 91 was yesterday. 13 Weeks done.

So what's new target?? Well, I grabbed a Freedom Journal (brilliantly crafted from John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast) and I set about determining my next 100 day goal...self publish my first book.

I absolutely love the structure of the Freedom Journal and also the fact that it only allows for 1 major goal. I often want everything all at restricting myself to only 1 goal will be a very helpful practice in patience and focus. Speaking of which...I still need to read The ONE Thing by Gary Keller.

But why self publish a book? I'm already working on a book with Ted Naiman and a book with Brad Kearns. TWO books--isn't that enough?

Honestly, I just follow my gut. I have a very strong personal philosophy around fulfilling my potential. I actualize it through health & fitness (the physical), my daily routines and goal setting, and cultivating a positive, enthusiastic mindset.

I want to encapsulate all of the most valuable tidbits I've learned over the past 5 years and put them into a book. I've been wanting to write a book on my personal philosophy for a long time, but I can tell that now is the right time.

I have 100 days. That will be broken into mini-segments and many mini-goals. Every single day I will be working on this project, just the way I like it. No days off from what makes you happy!

I don't expect this will be smooth sailing all the time. In fact, if it were--that would suck because I wouldn't learn anything. I want discipline that is battle-tested. That way, when the storms of life come (and they always do), I'll be ready.

So here's to this new challenge! I hope you all will hold me accountable as I continue along this journey. This book is dedicated to everyone who has ever held themselves back in fear from going for their dreams.

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