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How to Wake Up at 3am Daily

If you follow my social media, you’ll see me posting some 3:30am workout videos. Sure, it’s a little extreme and some people might think I’m probably better off sleeping more. In my opinion, early wakeups are critical to my success.

Every morning, I’m up at 3am. I’ll make some coffee and head to the gym. I’ll train from 3:30-5am. Then I’ll head home, have a cold shower, get my things packed for the day, and straight to work.

I’ll go to a cafe at 6am, have my second (and last) cup of coffee for the day, and start working on my business, book writing, content creation and more until around noon. Then I’ll have lunch (first meal of the day) and get back to work.

I’ll try to work non-stop until around 6:30pm. My days are always scheduled. I know what I need to do and when. I am a meticulous goal-setter and I am trying to build something incredible with the time I’ve been given. That requires structure, planning, and consistent execution.

I’ll have dinner at around 7pm and I’m sleeping by around 8:30pm. Sometimes later, sometimes earlier.

It all begins with 3am. Here’s the thing—it’s really not that remarkable. Once you create the habit—the habit takes over. It doesn’t really take herculean effort everyday.

Luckily, everyone thinks it does so I get to relish in their astonished looks….

So here are some recommendations.

Pick your wakeup time. Whether it's 4am, 3am, 5am. Set an alarm that’s far away from your bed and requires you getting up to turn it off.

Have a cup of coffee or a cold brew in your bedroom the night before. As soon as your alarm goes off, have that cup of coffee immediately.Have your gym clothes (or work clothes) laid out the night before. That way you have your coffee, put your clothes on, and you’re good to go.

Have your gym bag packed and ready to go the night before. You want to remove resistance.

Keep moving in the morning! If you think meditation and reading is a good idea at 3am…think again. Those are surefire ways to fall right asleep…Get active!Set an alarm to go to bed. It’s essential that you schedule your day correctly so that you are able to go bed early enough to do it again the next day.

Last piece of advice—sometimes you have to be a little militaristic with yourself. Some mornings, every bone in your body will be screaming at you to go back to your warm, snuggly bed. You MUST move forward on these days. That’s how a habit is created.

The strongest steel is forged in the hottest fires.

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