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Food Diversity on the Carnivore Diet?

On the Carnivore Diet, I’ve always seen intuitive reasoning behind eating a variety of animal foods. It simply didn’t make sense to me to only “eat red meat and drink water” (the mantra of many carnivores).

If I only stuck to red meat:

-If there were any quality issues with the meat I was eating—those would bioaccumulate over time.

-If red meat was lacking some essential nutrients, I would become progressively more deficient over time

Yes, you can absolutely survive on just steak. There are many lean and apparently healthy carnivores sticking to just steaks or burgers—but I define thriving very specifically. Is your skin healthy? Are you athletic? How’s your energy? How’s your mood?

As someone who trains every day and often sleep deprives—I need all the help I can get from my diet. I want the absolute best fuel in my tank so I can run this machine to the best of my ability.

For that reason, I like to include egg yolks, beef liver, bacon, chicken, and even the occasional berries, spices, and other low carb foods.

Now, don’t mistakenly believe that I’m promoting sleep deprivation or supporting the “I sleep less than you” cult of machismo. Actually, it does sound kind of macho…but enough of that! I just try to pack in as much work as I can each day because that makes me happy right now.

There may come a time in my life when working myself to the bone becomes less fun. If that time ever comes, I’ll know to dial things back. But until then…I’m having a blast!

When you’re pushing your body to the limit, I can imagine that certain fat soluble nutrients and vitamins get depleted faster. So I want to make sure I’m hedging my bets toward optimal health for the long term…especially seeing as I plan to get the most out of this machine that I can.

What do you do to ensure that you’re running at peak performance levels?

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