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Do More, Be More: The Power of Daily Goals

If there is one power in this world that has the power to radically transform one’s life...its the power of consistent daily action.

I became fascinated with the power of daily habits when I began learning about personal development and self improvement in college. I can honestly say that I am a product of all of those so called “woo woo” “self help” books. They work.

I began to analyze every area of my life and found numerous areas where I could improve. I could wake up earlier. I could meditate. I could read daily. I could exercise and eat healthy daily. I could train myself to speak positively.

Focusing on cultivating a daily routine that would empower and improve my life became an obsession—and the results were fast.

Here’s the thing about daily habits and routines: YOU WILL ENCOUNTER RESISTANCE. When you set a habit to wake up at 5am everyday—what do you do when you stay out until 3am partying with your friends? Still get up at 5am. Or don't go partying.

If you wake up and feel exhausted, you absolutely don’t want to follow your exercise routine...some extra sleep would probably be healthier...FOLLOW YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE.

What if you set a goal to read 10 pages a day and you get to the end of the day. You’re tired from the day and ready to sleep. You crawl into bed and realize you haven’t read your 10 pages. *get out of bed and read those 10 pages*

Why so hardcore? Isn’t it okay to take a day off every now and then? "Every now and then" starts to become more and more often. The things you should do need to become things you must do. Over time, you will become stronger and more efficient. But you WON'T become stronger and more efficient by neglecting to do what you need to do.

We are the ultimate adaptation machines. Humans are amazing at adapting to an imposed demand. So impose your demand to become a better person through daily habits and routine. At first, every fiber of your being will protest because it’s uncomfortable. But overtime, you will realize that you are BECOMING more. You are actually more capable than you were before.

It’s the exact same with weight lifting. How does someone bench 500lbs? They certainly aren’t born with that strength. But through consistent practice over time and imposing regular demands on themselves, while allowing time to recover, they become stronger.

“Do more, be more.” It follows that order. Ask more of yourself everyday and you will become more. When you want to hit the snooze—don’t do it. When you know you should do some work and you’re avoiding it—do it.

Constantly do the thing you fear and you will realize, fear is a mirage and you are unstoppable.

Fear has held you for too long. Break free, laugh in its face, and become who you were always meant to be.

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