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Crush Your Goals: How to Maximize Your Day (Part 2)

Part 2: How I Became the Star of Power Rangers Within One Year of Starting Acting

Goal Achievement Begins with Self Awareness

To maximize your day…know your priorities.

To know your priorities, have goals.

To set goals, understand what’s MOST important to you.

What MUST you do before you go to the grave? What are those buried talents that only you and maybe your closest few friends and family members know you possess—but you’ve suppressed for years because that’s not a real job. Or you’re afraid of judgement. You’re afraid that others will critique, shame you, and even reject you for sharing who you are.

What kind of daily lifestyle would make YOU happy? NOT: impress others on Instagram, give your parents something to talk about, make you look good in your social circle, conform to what's expected of you.

Here’s the thing with goal achievement—you spend 1000+ days working towards ONE day when you get to stand at the pinnacle. If the pinnacle is all that matters to you, you’re going to be a very very unhappy person. BUT—if you enjoyed every single one of those 1000+ days because you were doing something you’re passionate about, something you’re good at, or something that brings you innate joy and service to others…you will be an extremely happy person.

It takes great self awareness to realize what makes you happy. You find that self awareness through action. Do stuff! When you do stuff, you begin collecting data on how it made you feel.

Set a Quarterly Goal that Fires You Up

13 weeks seems to be the perfect length to set a big goal. It’s long enough that you can achieve amazing things within 91 days…but it’s short enough that it doesn’t feel unattainable.

Once you’ve determined your quarterly goal—we can then begin determining your micro actions that will build towards your quarterly goal: habits, daily routine, mini goals, tasks.

Daily incremental progress towards these goals is the complete game! That’s what it’s all about.

Prioritize Your Health!

Passion is not enough. The machine (you) will break down if you run it too hard for too long.

Sleep! Over 2 weeks, attempt to average 7+ hours a night. Nap if needed! Occasional sleep deprivation won’t kill you, but get back on track.

Exercise daily. Some form of physical activity for 45-60 minutes. It’s a must. Preferably have a balance of strength, flexibility, and conditioning.

Spiritual growth: Meditate, be grateful, pray! Whatever your belief system, practice it daily. This will ground you.

Education: Read 10 pages a day, listen to podcasts. This will renew your mind, give you a fresh perspective on life, and provide new insights on your current situation.

Spend quality time with your family and closest friends. If all you have time for is calls and texts—do that. Block out some time to spend with the most important people of your life. They deserve it.

How I Became the Star of Power Rangers Within One Year of Applying These Rules

I was 20 years old. I was a junior at UC San Diego, majoring in Economics. I was thoroughly dissatisfied with my future options. I wanted to become an actor badly, but I was afraid of what my friends, peers, and family would think if I failed. I didn’t want to lose their respect and become known as the “starving artist”. I hated that term.

At the same time, I had no money. Like none. I made minimum wage working a student job and I subsisted off of that. I also had never acted a day in my life. On top of that, I had no natural innate talent for acting—I was actually quite introverted.

Why I KNEW I Would Succeed

What was the one “unfair” advantage I had? Complete and utter confidence in myself and in my work ethic.

Both of those came from early life experiences. As a third grader, I learned that when I practiced spelling words from the dictionary every night…I could win spelling bees against far smarter kids. I learned that when I hustled hard on my homework, I could achieve better grades than much smarter kids. Same with exercise. I was naturally skinny and weak, but I developed myself into a lean, strong athlete.

So I Set the Macro Goal: Star in a major TV series within 1 year

Then I set the quarterly goal: Sign with a great agent.

Then I broke it down into tasks.

-Take acting classes

-Get headshots done

-Get in the best shape of my life

-Clear skin through strict diet

-Build credits on acting resume

-Email pitch 100 agents

-Apply to every casting on LA Casting, Actors Access, Casting Frontier

-Audition for every play at UC San Diego

-Email pitch student directors at UC San Diego

Daily Routine: NO days off. Consistency is king.

-Wake up at 4am—listen to inspirational audio, make my green smoothie.

-In the gym at 5am—Train until 6. Weights 3x/week. Cardio 5x/week.

-Start work at 7am: Classes. Student job. Auditions. Homework. Play rehearsals. Daily goals. Nap if needed.

-Night routine: Read 10 pages, journal how to improve tomorrow, plan/schedule tomorrow’s work, sleep by 10.

Mental Routine

Your mind is a garden! Cultivate it as such. Remove all weeds. Give the flowers water, sunlight, protection. How?

-Read personal development books

-Listen to inspirational Youtube videos or podcasts daily

-Visualize your goals being achieved

-NEVER speak negatively or in a discouraged manner about your goals

-NEVER complain, gossip, or speak negatively with others

-Remove all negative people and influences from your life. Don’t drink, smoke, or do anything that would hinder your ability to give each and every day your all.

“That Sounds Too Hard” “Just live your life” “Be more spontaneous” “You’re going to burn out” blah blah blah…

Cut all of your excuses. You have what it takes—and a 13 week goal isn’t that long of a time. Stick to it and watch your whole life change.

Take the Shot!

Let’s say there’s a contest. You have to make 10 freethrows. Player A is a 10% shooter. Player B is a 50% shooter.

Player B takes 10 shots. Makes 5. He failed the contest.

Player A (the guy with no shooting talent) takes 400 shots. He makes 30. He’s won the contest. Not only does he win—but he becomes a better shooter in the process. Soon, Player A will be able to take fewer and fewer shots to make 10 because of his work ethic.

What were the results?

That junior year at UCSD—here’s what happened:

-I got in the best shape of my life. Stronger, healthier, faster, leaner than ever.

-I was in three music videos.

-I was in four commercials

-I acted in four short films

-I acted in three plays

-I starred in an indie feature film.

-I booked the next two seasons of Power Rangers: Ninja Steel as the Red Power Ranger (starring role) and flew to New Zealand to shoot for the next 9 months.

I accomplished the goal. By hustling every day.

"But that's unrealistic." You're right. A big dream has no room for being "realistic".

I might have done it even faster. Or it might have taken two years. It didn’t matter. You don’t control the result. You only control the process of daily hard work. By increasing your volume of daily hard work, you can manipulate the result and potentially make it happen faster. Work as hard as you can while staying healthy and maintaining your closest relationships.


4am—every single day

Quarterly goals

Weekly objectives

Daily goals & schedule

Read 10 pages a day.

Where to Start?!

Just start with getting up early, exercising, and setting 5 goals for the day. That’s a good place to start.

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