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Cheat Days, Calories on Carnivore, and My Current Exercise

Here's a recap of the major points in my recent Ask Will Q&A!

Calorie Counting Vs. Carnivore

Calories matter! One huge misconception by the carnivore community (as well as keto and low carb dieters) is that calories don’t matter and there is a “metabolic advantage” to cutting carbs that somehow negates calories. Not true! While there may be a slight metabolic advantage, it is not significant enough to negate the impact of calories!! You can get fat on carnivore just like you can get fat on any other diet.

Why carnivore then??

Beyond the huge nutrient density and autoimmune effects of a carnivore diet, there is a massive satiety component! Some of the biggest drivers of satiety are protein, dietary fat, and nutrients. Animal foods (meat, eggs, seafood, organ meats) are rich in all of those. So oftentimes, carnivore dieters will lean out rapidly because they are simply eating fewer calories ad lib—automatically!

How does the average person achieve optimal health AND weight loss?

By prioritizing nutrient density! When you prioritize nutrient density in a fat loss phase, your body is nourished WHILE losing fat. How do you do this? Focus on grassfed meats, wild caught seafood, pasture raised eggs, and some organ meats. Then, you can include some low sugar fruit or leafy greens if you like and tolerate them.

Are body comp and longevity related?

There is a significant correlation—yes, but chasing perfect body comp is NOT a passport to 100 productive years of life. Let’s clear the obvious—being obese is not doing you any favors as far as longevity is concerned. It makes you far more susceptible to the leading causes of death. On the other hand, wasting away and being unbelievably thin (low lean mass and fat mass) isn’t a good idea either. Generally, we want a high level of lean mass (muscle) and low fat mass (love handles). However, who has the most muscle and least body fat?? Bodybuilders and physique competitors generally. But as we know from them—they sometimes eat abject garbage! Over time, this can lead to nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. So putting body comp into perspective—yes you want to be lean and strong but ALSO eating healthy! Then you get the best of both worlds. Targeting getting shredded at all costs is not the right idea. Hunter-gatherers are generally lean with good muscle tone!

What is my current training routine?

6 days a week. 3 days weight training. Chest/arms, shoulders/back, legs. Two compound exercises per workout which I track and perform reverse pyramid style. The rest is bodybuilding hypertrophy training. 3 days of cardio. Zone 2 usually for 45 minutes, currently experimenting with just playing basketball.

What do I weigh?

I generally always weigh 155lbs. Pretty lean, I’m usually 6-8% body fat year round. If I go on vacation, I can get up to 165 lbs. If I’m working a lot and training hard, I can get down to 148.

Cheat days?

It depends on why you’re doing them! If you’re having a cheat day because your diet is kicking your butt and you need it…you should rethink your diet. If you’re doing it because you’re suffering from food addiction and you can’t get rid of the cravings…don’t do it.

If you’re doing it because you’re already at your fat loss goals and you just want to enjoy a meal—go ahead! That’s what I do once a week.

I hope you all enjoyed this! If you want to be included in the next Q&A, feel free to comment your questions below!

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