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Beef Liver: The Ultimate Energy Hack?

Body by Beef

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of eating liver every day (weird way to start off a blog post).

Beef liver, if you don’t know, is probably one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the plant.

Liver is nature’s multivitamin and energy supplement. You know all those B-vitamins they put in energy drinks? All found in liver. Vitamin A is also found in high amounts in liver. It’s extremely rich in iron and healthy cholesterol which supports your hormones, prevents anemia and so much more!

Hunter-gatherers and carnivorous predators would often eat the raw liver of their prey first to replenish their energy after a successful hunt.

For me—any food with such incredible properties is something I want to explore. However, up until now I’ve been concerned about the possible risk of liver overconsumption. This theoretically could lead to Vitamin A toxicity.

After asking around to my smarter friends—a lot of them explained that there really isn’t any evidence to support that. Furthermore, the oft-discussed Arctic explorer anecdote—where a few Arctic explorers died after eating polar bear liver—could have been due to a number of other factors like cadmium. Beef liver is not polar bear liver—vitamin A concentrations are much lower.

So why the heck am I eating liver everyday? Liver, besides having incredible nutrients, has been touted for being an anti-fatigue food. This is likely due to the B-vitamins and iron. Some people even report getting a “liver buzz”, almost like coffee.

Because of my daily routines, I need as much energy as I can get. So I view liver as a cool advantage. It may be making me healthier, increasing my testosterone, and giving me more energy! And all I have to do is swallow down 4oz of beef liver? Easy.

So yes, I’m only doing 4oz a day. I buy Sprouts’ frozen calf liver. They come in 4 oz servings. I thaw it in lukewarm water, then slice it up, and down it. Yes, it’s raw. I literally down the tiny slices like shots. It saves time, but it also allows me to avoid liver’s weird taste. It’s an acquired one for sure.

If you could never imagine yourself choking down raw beef liver, I understand! There are plenty of other alternatives. Desiccated beef liver capsules is a great alternative—I would highly recommend checking out Ancestral Supplements products.

Another alternative is searing it in bacon grease. After cooking some bacon, throw the liver on there and let it sear for about 20 seconds each side. That way the inside is still rare and you’re getting the nutrients.

When you overcook liver, it tends to start tasting very chalky and gross. A quick sear does the trick every time.

Do you have any crazy habits that you use to maximize your performance? Let me know!

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