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2 Years Into Carnivore: My Experience So Far!

I have to admit—although I’m the ripped carnivore guy…I was never sure if I would be doing this diet for life. Ultimately, optimal health results are what’s most important to me. If the science and my subjective experiences disagree with carnivore, I would be quick to experiment for a while and then make the necessary adjustments.

But here’s the thing…I feel amazing. I have literally never felt better in my life.

I’m 2+ years into the Carnivore Diet. Now let me be super super specific. I eat meat, organ meats, eggs, seafood, and occasionally high fat dairy 98% of the time. I eat 1-2 meals a day. Once every 1 or 2 weeks, I will have a cheat meal.

If you’re a hardcore religious carnivore, go ahead and kick me out of the club. We’re very different.

But for the rest of you—here’s why I do it. When I was starting, I did strict carnivore for 6 months. I believe this period of dietary strictness healed my body.

Now, my body is far more resilient to eating some delicious cheat foods.

Here’s something for perspective. Let’s say I eat 14 meals a week (averaging 2 a day). And let’s say I have one cheat meal every two weeks. That would be 27/28 meals being strict carnivore.

That would make my diet 96.5% carnivore. Good enough for me! It works for my goals.

I no longer have any autoimmune issues, bloating, lethargy, fatigue.

To tell you the truth, I feel completely and utterly unstoppable. On this diet, I am able to train hard and heavy on my lifting days. I have abundant energy on my cardio days. I am able to wakeup at 3 or 4am every single day and crush my goals throughout the day.

This stage was what I obsessively pursued for years. The ability to have a diet and training strategy that made me muscular, ripped, healthy, with limitless energetic.

Carnivore has done that for me.

Some benefits I’ve experienced:

-Leaner than ever. I consistently stay at around 5-7% body fat year round. Doubt it? Here’s a few pictures to show you the type of shape I am able to maintain.

-Mental clarity. I love this one—no brain fog in the morning! My mind is later focused the entire day. Do I ever get tired, exhausted?? Hell yeah! I empty the tank daily. But it’s a different experience from the chronic lethargy and fatigue I used to have.

-Strength. My strength in the gym is able to progress rapidly on this diet—without adding a bunch of body fat. Last year I dealt with a nagging shoulder impingement injury which led to me (mistakenly) taking 6 months off of any pressing movement. Goodbye chest and shoulder mass. But I recently began training these movements heavy again and I’m pleased to say my strength is coming back fast.

-No cravings/easy to fast. It means the world to me that I can go for HOURS and hours working, doing things, just living my life without always thinking about food! It seriously is such a huge boon. I feel like I am literally being gifted time.

-Testosterone. I just feel like a beast overall. I’m attributing this one to higher test levels.

Have you tried carnivore? What benefits have you experienced?

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